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Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program
Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program
Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program
Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program
Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program
Wall Street Prison Consultants | Pre Sentencing Support Program

Help and Assistance, during the Crucial Pre Sentencing Stage

Pre Sentencing Support Package; $5,000 – $10,000

Navigating sentencing can be a process, filled with unknowns and intricacies. Our Pre Sentencing Support Package is crafted to guide you through this phase providing aid in various key aspects;

  • Analysis of Federal Sentencing Factors; This forms the core of our services. We conduct an assessment of the charges you face the Sentencing Guidelines and your specific circumstances. This detailed examination aids in estimating the sentencing guideline level and its associated range. By taking into account all factors we strive to offer a view of potential sentencing outcomes empowering you and your legal team to prepare adequately.


  • Strategies for Reducing Sentences; A key goal for us is to explore all avenues for reducing sentences. Our team is dedicated to exploring every option to minimize – or ideally eliminate – prison time. This entails delving into precedents mitigating circumstances and leveraging any elements of your case that could result in a more favorable sentence.


  • Alternatives to Incarceration; Recognizing that prison time is not the outcome we actively. Suggest alternatives, to imprisonment.
    This involves programs and other options outside of prison that can significantly reduce the length of prison sentences or ideally eliminate the need, for confinement. We collaborate closely with representatives to identify and promote these alternatives presenting them as choices to the court.


  • Assessment of Plea Agreements; The terms of a plea agreement can have a substantial impact on your sentence. We conduct an evaluation of any proposed plea agreements considering both their sentencing consequences and their influence on federal prison terms. This evaluation ensures that you and your legal team can make informed and strategic decisions.


  • Preparation for Presentence Investigative Report (PSI); The PSI plays a role in the sentencing process. It entails an interview between the defendant and a probation officer to gather information for the court’s review during sentencing. Adequate preparation for this interview is essential since the resulting report significantly influences the judges sentencing decision. Our responsibility is to ensure you are thoroughly ready for this interview comprehending its importance and its impact on your sentence.


  • Support Services Before Prison; In situations where imprisonment’s inevitable we offer support services before incarceration. These services are customized to assist offenders in preparing for their time, behind bars.
    Our aim is to help you transition smoothly from your lifestyle to the realities of the prison system. We offer insights, into life behind bars coping mechanisms and tips on how to make the most of your time while incarcerated with a focus on rehabilitation and planning for a life after release.

Our Pre Sentencing Support Package is tailored to offer assistance during this period. Through our expertise and guidance we seek to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the sentencing process effectively aiming for the best possible outcome, in your situation.

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