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Jacqueline Polverari is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker empowering women through accountability, transparency, and authenticity.

In 2001, Ms. Polverari founded a successful title search company and has built it to become the largest title search company in Connecticut today. She is an expert in property title and investigative research with an extensive background in developing and executing processes and procedures that improve efficiencies in the field.

Leaving her Title Search company to her daughter, Jacqueline has moved into the next phase of her life still pursuing her passion for research and criminal justice reform. In 2016, Jacqueline founded Evolution Reentry Services, focusing on the needs of women who have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System.

Her research and collaboration with federal and state agencies for women in reentry has helped create new programs in reentry.

Evolution Reentry empowers women to regain their lives while being accountable and transparent through the use of effective methods in dialectical behavior and trauma therapy significantly improving their day-to-day living and personal relationships.

Jacqueline speaks at conferences and symposiums throughout the country motivating and empowering justice impacted women and their families helping them move forward in their lives through truth while educating communities through her research surrounding the stigma of incarceration.

Jacqueline leads weekly online support groups through zoom for women and families who are justice impacted. These groups are focused on lifting and empowering justice involved women and their families as they rebuild their lives before and after incarceration.

Currently over 75 women and families throughout the country have joined giving support to one another removing the isolation that often comes with being justice impacted.

Jacqueline also hosts a monthly podcast, Criminal Justice Café, educating communities on the realities of the criminal justice system and working to help change the stigma of justice impacted individuals and their families.

Ms. Polverari holds master’s degrees in Business Administration and Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Most Recently she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Albertus Magnus College where she earned her master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Correctional Administration.

Ms. Polverari is also active in various organizations:
2022 JustLeadershipUSA’s Leading with Conviction Fellow

Member of the National Association of Social Workers (2020-2022)

Member of The American Sociological Association (2021, 2022)

Member of Alpha Sigma Beta, The Gamma Beta Chapter of Albertus Magnus College (2022)

Member Kappa Gamma Pi, Honors Program Chapter of Albertus Magnus College (2021)

Student Member of the Connecticut Bar Association (2021-current)

Member of the Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance (2022)

Member of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA, 2020-2022)

Member of the New York City Justice Ombudsman Advisory Board (2022)

Member of the American Land Title Association (2006 – current)

Member of The International Alliance of Theatrical Employees (I.A.T.S.E Local 74, 1997-current)

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