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Guidance and Support in the Critical Pre-Sentencing Phase

Pre-Sentencing Support Package: $5,000 – $10,000

Facing federal sentencing can be an overwhelming experience, fraught with uncertainties and complexities. Our Pre-Sentencing Support Package is designed to navigate you through this intricate process, providing crucial assistance in several key areas:

  • Federal Sentencing Factor Analysis: This is the cornerstone of our services. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the charges against you, the Sentencing Guidelines, and your individual circumstances. This meticulous evaluation helps in estimating the probable sentencing guideline level and the corresponding range. By considering all relevant factors, we aim to provide a clear picture of the potential sentencing outcomes, enabling you and your legal team to prepare effectively.

  • Sentence Reduction Strategies: One of our primary objectives is to explore every avenue for sentence reduction. Our team is committed to examining all possibilities to minimize, or in the best-case scenario, completely eliminate federal prison time. This involves a deep dive into legal precedents, mitigating factors, and leveraging any aspect of your case that may lead to a more favorable sentence.

  • Non-Custodial Options and Alternatives: We recognize that incarceration is not the only outcome. Therefore, we actively research and propose alternatives to prison time. This includes diversionary programs and other non-custodial options that can significantly reduce the duration of federal prison sentences or, ideally, remove the need for confinement. We work closely with legal counsel to identify and advocate for these alternatives, presenting them as viable options to the court.

  • Plea Agreement Analysis: A plea agreement can significantly impact your sentence. We undertake a detailed review of any proposed plea agreements, assessing both their sentencing implications and their effect on potential federal prison time. This analysis ensures that you and your legal counsel can make informed and strategic decisions.

  • Presentence Investigative Report (PSI) Preparation: The PSI is a critical component of the sentencing process. It involves a formal interview between the federal defendant and a probation officer, with the aim of gathering information for the court’s consideration during sentencing. The preparation for this interview is crucial, as the resulting report holds considerable sway over the judge’s sentencing decision. Our role is to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for this interview, understanding its significance and the impact it can have on your sentencing.

  • Pre-Prison Support Services: In cases where incarceration is unavoidable, we provide pre-prison support services. These services are tailored to help federal offenders prepare for their time in prison. Our goal is to facilitate a smoother transition from your current life to the realities of the federal prison system. We provide insights into prison life, coping strategies, and ways to make the most of the time spent incarcerated, focusing on rehabilitation and planning for a productive life post-release.

Our Pre-Sentencing Support Package is designed to provide comprehensive support during this challenging time. With our expertise and guidance, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the pre-sentencing phase effectively, striving for the best possible outcome in your case.


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