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In-Custody Support Package – $5,000 to $10,000

Our comprehensive Federal In-Custody assistance package covers a wide range of services:

Understanding the Federal Prison System

Detailed Overview of Various Federal Prison Facilities
Exploring Different Prison Types: Minimum to Administrative Security
Conducting In-depth Research on Your Assigned Prison
Steps for Preparation Before Incarceration

Arriving at Prison: Procedures and Personal Property

Managing Your Finances in Prison
Communication Inside Prison: Guidelines and Tips
Prioritizing Physical Health and Fitness
Planning and Organizing Your External Affairs

Setting Affairs in Order: Legal and Financial Preparations

Family Support: Guidance for Preparing Your Loved Ones
Legal Necessities: Power of Attorney and Establishing a Contact Person
Proactive Health Measures: Addressing Medical and Dental Needs
Compiling a Comprehensive List of Important Contacts

Navigating Life in Federal Prison

Insightful Information and Tips for Adjusting to Prison Life
Practical Dos and Don’ts for New Inmates
Keeping Busy and Finding Purpose Within the Prison
Understanding and Navigating Prison Social Dynamics
Navigating Communication Etiquette: Charge Discussion Tips
Learning and Adhering to Prison Regulations
Maintaining the Right Attitude in a Prison Environment

Assisting Your Transition: Halfway House and Reintegration Support

Emphasizing the Importance of Successful Reintegration Post-Incarceration
Collaborative Planning with Case Managers for Optimal Halfway House Placement
Detailed Insights into the Halfway House System and Expectations
Tailored Preparation for Home Confinement
Empowering You with Skills and Knowledge for a Smooth Transition Back to Society

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