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Holli Coulman is an esteemed professional who has overcome significant challenges to become a leader in the field of women’s prison reform. After a successful career in competitive corporate environments, Holli faced a pivotal moment when her integrity was compromised, leading to her involvement in a federal investigation. Ultimately, she accepted a guilty plea and was convicted of one count of wire fraud.

During her time in confinement, Holli utilized the opportunity to further her education and personal growth. She earned her American Bar Association Paralegal Certification, which paved the way for her subsequent employment at a reputable law firm in April 2017. Since then, she has held positions with notable government agencies such as the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office, Dallas City Attorney’s Office, and the Texas ACLU.

Driven by her passion for advocacy and the power of the written word, Holli started a widely recognized blog addressing crucial topics such as women’s safety in incarceration and related subjects. Unfortunately, her civil advocacy led to punitive measures from the Bureau of Prisons, resulting in her spending two months in solitary confinement.

Today, Holli Coulman stands as one of the most prominent and respected Women’s Prison Consultants. Through various prison consultancy platforms, she provides invaluable guidance and support to families and individuals navigating the complexities of incarceration. Her expertise extends beyond education and awareness, encompassing comprehensive services such as pre-and-post-release strategies, clemency procedures, appeals, coursework, and compassionate releases.

Recognized as a leading voice for women’s prison reform, Holli is frequently invited to speak at prominent women’s conferences. Her insights and expertise contribute to important dialogues surrounding criminal justice reform and the rights of incarcerated women. Holli actively participates in organizations such as the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) and the Voice of Women, maintaining an unwavering commitment to championing her causes and making a lasting impact.
Despite her challenging past, Holli Coulman’s dedication to prison reform, her expertise as a consultant, and her advocacy for the rights and well-being of incarcerated women have solidified her reputation as a notable and respected figure in her field.

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